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Before You Buy Architecture Books for Kids


From sandbox to science fair, inquisitive kids are exploring the world of building and design. You can help them learn by choosing books that speak to their imaginations and encourage them to create their own architectural projects. How do you choose an architecture book that is not too technical? Begin here.

Easy Picture Books

Even a child still in diapers can begin exploring shape, form, and simple principles of construction and design. The simple storybooks listed here are recommended for small tots and also for young children just beginning to read.

Books to Draw and Color

As soon as your child is old enough to grasp a crayon, she will want to color and draw houses and other structures. Small tots require coloring books with broad simple forms; older children are ready for more detailed illustrations. Choose a coloring book that matches your child's age and skill. The best coloring books include informative text to help children learn more about the buildings illustrated.

Books to Bend and Fold

There is a sense of wonder when flat pictures suddenly turn into three-dimensional forms. However, you will want to exercise care when choosing an architecture pop-up book. Some are simple and sturdy with kid-proof cardboard pages. Others are complex works of paper engineering with detailed artwork that will appeal to teens and adults. Listed here are our favorites for a wide range of ages.

Books with Things to Do

School-aged children are ready to take on independent projects and activities. Whether building a back yard fort or a model for a science fair, they will find ideas and easy instructions in these handy project and activity books.

Books to Make Kids Think

Teenagers will often read the same books we enjoy as adults: biographies, books about famous buildings, books on architectural history. But, what about the preteen years? Listed here are our favorite books for bright kids who still need shorter, easier reading material.
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