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Architecture Books and Publishers

This page is your starting place for finding books, house plans, and reference works related to architecture and building design. Included are photo books, research aids, biographies, children's books, building guides, house plan books, and gift books. Titles selected by Jackie Craven.
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Essential Reference Books
For architects, students, or anyone who needs to do in-depth research on architecture or home design, these are the most essential desk references.

Top House Style Guides
A recommended reading list for anyone who wants to learn about residential architecture and to identify house styles in North America.

Architecture Novels
Here's a fun and eclectic reading list with fictional books that center around architectural themes. Some of these books explore the lives of architects, others look at the passion people have for their homes.

Architecture Books for Kids
Children love to explore the world of building and design. Here's how to choose architecture books for kids.

Architecture Coloring Books
Why coloring books? Because sometimes we just want to stay between the lines. Introduce children to the joy of architecture with these traditional picture books.

Books About Castles
These beautiful gift books have color photos that will delight castle enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in medieval architecture.

Books about Palladian Architecture
For lavishly illustrated books of Palladio's villas and informative texts about the life and work of Andrea Palladio, see our Top Picks listings for Renaissance Architecture.

Books About Frank Lloyd Wright
This page lists recommended books for learning about Frank Lloyd Wright and his buildings. Included are reference books, biographies, and also lavish photo books.

Books About Sexuality n Architecture
If you've ever been curious about the role of sex, gender, and sensuality in the design of buildings, these books are essential references.

Books About Healthy Design
We live in the designs we imagine. Here are five books to help guide your designs for environments that are safe and healthy. Build and decorate a healthy, eco-friendly home.

Books About Skyscrapers
For skyscraper enthusiasts, these books have facts, statistics, charts, graphs, and plenty of photographs.

Books About the World Trade Center
Amidst the excitement over reconstruction in New York City, it's easy to forget the original World Trade Center that was destroyed by terrorist attacks. These books have photos and information about the original buildings.

Books for Homeowers
Here are our top picks for books to help you with building and remodeling projects. Also find resources to help you research the history of your home.

Books for Students
Here are our top picks for anyone doing academic research in the field of architecture. Also find study guides for preparing for professional licensing exams.

Books On School Design
Architects who design schools face many challenges. The school design must provide safety, facilitate learning, accommodate new technologies, and incorporate ever-changing theories about how students learn. For important concepts, construction advice, photographs, and plans, explore these important books on school design.

Haunted House Books : "True" Stories
Browse these books for tales about houses, inns, restaurants, and other buildings known for ghostly visitations. Also find directories with details about haunted sites you can visit.

Haunted House Books : Fiction
Architecture plays a spooky role in these just-for-fun books about haunted houses.

Suburban Nation: Avoiding Obsolescence
Preface to the 10th anniversary edition of Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream

Architecture Pop-Up Books
Small children have long known the joys of pop-up books. Just unfold the pages or pull the tabs and flat pictures turn into three-dimensional forms. However, not all pop-up books are kid stuff.

Architecture Bookstore - Main Index
From the thousands of books on architecture and home design, we've scouted out the very best. This index lists favorite titles in a wide range of categories.

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