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Historic Preservation: Research, Restore, and Preserve

Want to rescue an older building from demolition... And to have it listed on the National Register or the National Trust? Or, do you just want to preserve the heritage of your own older home? Here are facts about restoration projects, historic registries, historic landmarks, and preservation methods, from Jackie Craven.
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  2. Research Your Home

Old-House Tool Kit
Your one-stop center for information on researching, remodeling and preserving your old house.

Old House Restoration: Technical Guides
From the US National Park Service, a collection of guidelines and instructional materials for historic preservation.

Architectural Salvage
The world of architectural salvage is like heaven for history buffs. Here's an introduction to finding architectural salvage.

About Vinyl Siding
Should you side your old house with vinyl? If it is already sided, should you remove the vinyl? Here are facts, resources, and links to how-to help.

Adaptive Reuse
Buildings that might be destroyed can be saved through adaptive reuse. See examples.

Standards for Rehabilitation
This short Preservation Brief from the US Department of Interior offers general guidelines for the respectful restoration of old buildings.

On Trust for the Nation
Excerpts from On Trust for the Nation by architect and conservationist Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, designer of Portmeirion, Wales.

A 19th Century Farmhouse: Woman Designed
Many 19th century American farmhouses were designed by women. Here's an example, with floor plans.

Restoration Project: Lincoln Home in Springfield
Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois went through years of remodeling. Researching the past is not always an easy path to future preservation.

National Register
The United States National Register of Historic Places maintains this online index with descriptive information about America's historic properties. You can search by name, architect, significant person, multiple property submission name, location, Federal agency, or any of a number of themes used to organize Web pages. There are more 10,000 links.

Old House Journal Online
From the publisher of Old-House Journal magazine, this Web site has how-to advice on restoring older homes, discussion forums, old-house real estate ads, classified ads for old-house items, historic house plans, links to restoration trade shows, and recent articles from the print magazine.

How-To: Preservation and Rehabilitation Guidelines
From The Old House Web, important guidelines and information to help you begin restoring an older home. Also find links to a discussion forum and resources for products and supplies.

Dissertations in Architectural History
From the Society of Architectural Historians, a listing of dissertations covering topics related to architectural history, urbanism, landscape studies, interior design, and more

Restoring Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa
Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS) presents photos of their extensive restoration projects, including this 1847 Basilica.

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