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Hotel by Graham Gund
Celebration Hotel by Graham Gund

Celebration Hotel by Graham Gund

Photo © Jackie Craven

Graham Gund designed the 115-room "inn" at Celebration, Florida. Nestled along the Town Center lake, Gund's hotel suggests a Newport mansion with a Caribbean flavor.

Gund took inspiration from the wooden Florida structures of the 1920s, as Disney's Hotel Celebration "settled into the landscape."

"It also echoes the actual history of many small-town inns, which grew from landmark houses over time. Design elements associated with older, landmark homes in resort areas include dormers, balconies, awnings and substantial roof overhangs."

Like many of the commercial buildings in Celebration, original design intentions can take a twist. When Gund's Celebration Hotel changed ownership, southern charm and elegance was replaced by the artsy avant garde of the Bohemian Hotel Celebration. It may change again.

Source: Disney's Hotel Celebration, Gund Partnership [accessed November 27, 2013]

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