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7 Great Planbooks for One-Story Homes

Find Building Plans for Accessible One-Story Homes


A single story house doesn't have to be dull or ordinary. The one-story houses in this collection have dramatic features like vaulted ceilings, dramatic window shapes, and generous use of skylights. Browse these building plan books to find the single story home of your dreams.

1. 508 One-Story Home Plans

Just about everything you need to know to plan your single-story home is included in this paperback from Creative Homeowner Press. You'll find options, modifications, a home cost calculator, legal information, and more, plus many full color photos.
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2. More One-Story Homes: 475 Superb Home Plans from 810 to 5,400 Sq. Ft.

This 448-page book is packed with a full range of home styles -- small homes, grand luxury homes, country classics, traditional European designs, and innovative contemporaries.
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3. Designer's Best One Story Home Designs

House plans for 300 one-story homes by a variety of designers, an in a nice assortment of styles.
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4. Best-Selling One-Story Home Designs

This 256-page book from Homestyles Publishing offers 500 home plans for single-level living. Whether you're looking for a cozy starter home or amenity-filled empty-nester, the easy-to-use index will help you find the design you're looking for.
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5. Easy Living One-Story Designs

Design Basics showcases one-story home plans from 962 to over 3,734 square feet in this comprehensive collection of 155 home plans. You'll find a a wide variety of designs.
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6. One-Story Living Home Plans (Best Home Plans)

Two hundred houses you can build on a budget, plus advice to help you manage the home-building process.
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7. Designer's Best One-Story Home Plans: 300 Plans

These floor plans for single-story homes are easy to build, simple to maintain, and flexible in design. Book includes many color photos.
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