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Top 6 House Plan Catalogs

These big books are packed with plans for building your new home


Building a new home begins with a dream, and a good place to start is to browse through house plan catalogs. These house plan catalogs include illustrations for popular house styles along with floor plans and elevation drawings. Find a house plan you like, and you can order the blueprints.

1. 1001 All-Time Best-Selling House Plans

1001 All-Time Best-Selling House Plans
This huge, eclectic collection is a good place to begin browsing if you don't know what you want. The hefty volume includes everything from modest cottages to grand estates. ISBN: 1881955672
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2. The Ultimate Book of Home Plans

Creative Homeowners has rounded up 600 of their most popular house plans in this fat catalog. The plans represent a variety of styles and sizes, with more than 300 full-color photographs. You'll also find tips on building your home and hiring the contractors you need.

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3. Homes Filled With Natural Light: 223 Sunny Home Plans for All Regions

You don't have to live in the south to enjoy these homes designed to capitalize on available light. The 223 house plans use skylights, transoms, and clerestory windows to brighten rooms. Atriums, solariums, and greenhouses also featured. ISBN: 1881955273
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4. 200 Budget-Smart Home Plans: Affordable Homes from 902 to 2,540 Square Feet

These small homes are practical, economical, clean-cut, and contemporary.

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5. Narrow Lot Home Plans

For anyone who has big dreams but not a lot of land, a practical and stylish selection of 250 house plans for homes 17' to 50' Wide.
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6. Luxury Dream Homes

Elaborate and indulgent homes, simple yet elegant homes, and sleek contemporary designs: These homes are costly, but magnificent.
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