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Build a French-Style House!

Building Plans for Beautiful Homes Inspired by France


From grand estates to simple country cottages, French inspired homes are distinguished by their hipped roofs and flared eaves. However, French ideas take on many forms. Browse these house plan catalogs for building plans and illustrations of Normandy, Provincial, and other French styles.

1. Provencal Inspiration: Living the French Country Spirit

From Home Planners Publishers, 192 house plans inspired by French Provencal architecture. These are stately, symmetrical homes with hipped roofs and charming French shutters. ISBN:1881955893.
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2. European Dream Homes

200 French, English, and Mediterranean inspired plans for larger and small homes, plus a discussion of the details that give homes a distinctly European flavor.
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3. Provencal Interiors

You won't find building plans here, but the lush photos in this book will help you design interiors with a French country ambiance. ISBN: 087905848X
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