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Mission Style Houses
Mission style house

Mission style houses have stucco walls, arches, and other details inspired by the Spanish mission churches of colonial America.

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In many ways, America's Spanish Eclectic houses that were built between 1915 - 1940 look similar to the slightly earlier Mission Revival houses.

Mission architecture romanticized the Spanish churches of colonial America. Mission houses typically have red tile roofs, parapets, decorative railings, and carved stonework. They are, however, more elaborate than the colonial era mission churches. Wild and expressive, the Mission house style borrowed from the entire history of Spanish architecture, from Moorish to Byzantine to Renaissance.

The Owls Club Mansion shown here is an especially elaborate example of Mission Revival architecture in Tucson, Arizona. Architect Henry Trost modeled the home after a design by Louis Sullivan. Completed in 1902, the house is decorated with geometric patterns, parapets with ornamental drainpipes, and other details inspired by historic Spanish mission churches.

Spanish Eclectic houses are not usually as flamboyant as Mission Revival homes. Nevertheless, America's Spanish houses of the 1920s and 1930s reflect the same enthusiasm for all things español. Why the fascination for Spanish architecture? Read on...

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