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Spanish Eclectic Bungalow in San Jose, California

Spanish Eclectic Bungalow in San Jose, California

Photo © Flickr Member "Roar of the Four"

The stucco walls and cool, shaded interiors make Spanish Eclectic homes best suited for warmer climates. Nevertheless, scattered examples of Spanish style houses - some quite elaborate - can be found in chilly northern regions.

Manifesting in a variety of forms, Spanish Eclectic homes were built in nearly every part of the United States. Simplified versions of the style evolved for working-class budgets. During the 1930s, neighborhoods filled with one-story stucco houses with arches and other details that suggested a Spanish Colonial flavor.

Compare this Spanish-inspired design with other Bungalow Architecture from the same time period. Although many of the features are similar, the influences of Spanish architecture are readily displayed in this San Jose home.

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