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Victorian Gothic House Styles: History and Pictures


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Gothic Cottages
Carpenter Gothic House

Carpenter Gothic House

Photo: Jupiterimages Corporation
In the United States, the Gothic Revival styles were seen as most suitable for rural areas. Architects of the day believed that the stately homes and austere 19th century farmhouses should be set in a natural landscape of rolling green lawns and profuse foliage.

However, smaller and more ornate cottages were often built in populated areas. A few religious revival groups in the American Northeast built densely clustered groupings—small cottages with lavish gingerbread trim. Methodist camps in Round Lake, New York and Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts became miniature villages in the Carpenter Gothic style.

Meanwhile, builders in towns and urban areas began to apply the fashionable Gothic details to traditional homes that were not, strictly speaking, Gothic at all. Possibly the most lavish example of a Gothic pretender is the Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk, Maine.

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