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Victorian Gothic House Styles: History and Pictures


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Gothic Revival Farmhouses
Victorian Gothic House

Victorian Gothic House

Photo: Jupiterimages Corporation

A series of pattern books by popular designer Andrew Jackson Downing (1815-1852) and Lyndhurst architect Alexander Jackson Davis captured the imagination of a country already swept up in the Romantic movement. Timber-framed houses across North America, especially in rural areas, began to sport Gothic details.

On America's modest wooden farmhouses, Gothic Revival ideas were suggested in the shape of the roof and window moldings. On the house shown here, slightly pointed window moldings and a steep center gable reflect the Gothic Revival influence.

In towns, homes were often more highly decorated, such as the brightly colored Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut. Industrialization and the availability of machine-made architectural trim allowed builders to create a frivolous version of Gothic Revival known as Carpenter Gothic.

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