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What Style Is It?


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What Style Was the New York World Building?
New York World Building by architect George B. Post

New York World Building by architect George B. Post. Photograph c1909. Demolished in 1955

Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-100415
Even towering skyscrapers can present a confusing muddle of architectural styles. Sometimes, new construction techniques conflict with deep-seated ideas of how a building ought to look. Styles from by-gone eras are often superimposed on otherwise modern structures.

For example, take a look at this historic photo of the New York World Building, also known as the Pulitzer Building. Completed in 1890, the 309-foot tall skyscraper pioneered new technologies. But the architect, George B. Post, topped his modern new building with a Neoclassical dome.

The World Building housed the now-defunct New York World newspaper. The building was demolished in 1955.

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