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1890 - 1920: Mission Revival House Style

Homes Inspired by Mission Churches From the American Southwest


Historic mission churches built by Spanish colonists inspired the turn-of-the-century house style known as Mission, Spanish Mission, Mission Revival, or California Mission.
Lennox House, Mission Revival Architecture on the campus of Colorado College

The Lennox House on the campus of Colorado College was constructed in 1900 in the Mission Revival style.

Photo cc 2.0 by Flickr Member Jeffrey Beall

Spanish Mission style houses have many of these features:

About the Photo:

Shown here is the Mission Revival style Lenox House located on the campus of Colorado College at 1001 N. Nevada Ave., Denver architect Frederick J. Sterner built the house in 1900 for William Lennox, a wealthy businessman. For historic photos and interior views, see the Lennox House Slideshow on the Colorado College website.

About the Mission Revival Style:

Celebrating the architecture of Hispanic settlers, Mission Revival style houses usually have arched dormers and roof parapets. Some resemble old Spanish mission churches with bell towers and elaborate arches.

The earliest Mission style homes were built in California, USA. The style spread eastward, but most Spanish Mission homes are located in the southwestern states. Deeply shaded porches and dark interiors make these homes particularly suited for warmer climates.

By the 1920s, architects were combining Mission styling with features from other movements. Mission houses often have details from these popular styles:

The term Mission style may also describe the Arts & Crafts furniture by Gustav Stickley.

Mission Style House Plans and Photos:

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