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1880 - 1910: Queen Anne Style

Victorian Architects Put on Airs


Round towers and wrap-around porches give Queen Anne houses a regal air. This photo is just one example of the often extravagant style. Read below to learn about Queen Anne architecture.
Queen Anne house in Saratoga, New York

Queen Anne house in Saratoga, New York

Photo © 2005 Jackie Craven

Fanciful and flamboyant, America's Queen Anne architecture takes on many shapes. Some Queen Anne houses are lavishly decorated. Others are restrained in their embellishments. Yet the flashy painted ladies of San Francisco and the refined Brooklyn brownstones share many of the same features. There is an element of surprise to the typical Queen Anne home. The roof is steeply pitched and irregular. The overall shape of the house is asymmetrical.

Queen Anne Details

  • Steep roof
  • Complicated, asymmetrical shape
  • Front-facing gable
  • One-story porch that extends across one or two sides of the house
  • Round or square towers
  • Wall surfaces textured with decorative shingles, patterned masonry, or half-timbering
  • Ornamental spindles and brackets
  • Bay windows

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