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Picture Dictionary of American Colonial House Styles: Neocolonial


Neocolonial, Neo-Colonial, or Builder's Colonial houses are modern-day homes inspired by historic Colonial, Federal, and Colonial Revival styles.
Details on this modern-day home are inspired by American Colonial and Federal architecture

Details on this modern-day home are inspired by American Colonial and Federal architecture.

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A Neocolonial, Neo-Colonial, or Builder's Colonial house is not colonial at all. It was not constructed during America's colonial times. Neocolonial is a modern, Neoeclectic style that loosely borrows ideas from the past.

Constructed in the late 20th century through the present time, Neocolonial houses have details suggested by historic Colonial and Colonial Revival architecture. Features may include:

  • Rectangular shape
  • 2 to 3 stories
  • Center entry-hall floor plan
  • Living areas on the first floor and bedrooms on the upper floors
  • Great room and other large living areas
  • Siding made with vinyl, faux stone, faux brick, or other composite materials
  • Palladian windows and semicircular fanlights
  • Double-hung windows, sometimes with shutters
  • Temple-like entrance: portico topped by a pediment
  • Dentil moldings

About Neocolonial Houses

Neocolonial, or Builder's Colonial, houses incorporate mixture of historic styles adapted for contemporary lifestyles. New England Colonial, Southern Colonial, Georgian, and Federal details are imitated using low-maintenance modern materials. The idea is to convey the traditional, refined atmosphere of a Colonial home, but not to recreate a Colonial style.

Unlike the earlier Colonial Revival homes, the interiors of Neocolonial, or Builder's Colonial, homes are thoroughly modern with great rooms, high-tech kitchens, and other conveniences.

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