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What style is that great building? Join us for a photo tour through architectural history. In this photo gallery you will find buildings and structures that illustrate important periods and styles from prehistoric days through modern times. Click on the pictures below for larger views plus facts, links, and resources. For more historic periods, also see our Architecture Timeline.
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Silbury Hill, neolithic manmade prehistoric mound in southern Great BritainMonoliths, Mounds, and Prehistoric StructuresPyramids of Giza, Egypt3,050 BC-900 BC: Ancient Egypt The Parthenon sets on top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece850 BC-476 AD: ClassicalChurch of Hagia Eirene in the First Courtyard of the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey527 AD-565 AD: Byzantine
Rounded arches, massive walls, tower of the Basilica of St. Sernin (1070-1120) in Toulouse, France800 AD - 1200 AD: RomanesqueChartres Cathedral in Chartres, France is a masterpiece of Gothic Architecture1100-1450: GothicVilla Almerico-Capra, also known as Villa La Rotonda, by Andrea Palladio1400-1600: Renaissance The Palace of Versailles in France1600-1830: Baroque
Archbishop's Palace at Prague Castle, Czech Republic1650-1790: RococoWest Front of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC1730-1925: Neoclassicism The Paris Opéra1885-1925: Beaux ArtsBuilt in 1924, the Tribune Tower in Chicago is Neo-Gothic in design1905-1930: Neo-Gothic

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