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Historic Periods

Take a tour of architecture history, from Prehistoric to Postmodern. This century-by-century roundup explores the important movements with photos and resources for great buildings and structures that illustrate trends in architectural design.
  1. 20th Century Trends (11)
  2. American Colonial (7)
  3. Ancient World (44)
  4. Art Deco (7)
  5. Art Nouveau (6)
  6. Arts and Crafts (6)
  7. Baroque (5)
  8. Googie Architecture (10)
  9. Medieval (10)
  10. Neoclassical (10)
  11. Prehistoric Architecture (4)
  12. Renaissance (5)

Architecture History Timeline
This one-page fact sheet has information and links for the major architectural periods and styles, from prehistoric to modern times.

What Is Style?
The first step in identifying the architectural style of any building is understanding what we mean when we say style. Learn the definition of style, and find out how the word is used to describe historic movements in architecture.

Architectural Style 101
Architectural historians and researches grapple with many issues when trying to describe historic periods and styles. Let's look at the challenges.

Home Styles Guide
Are you wondering about the style of your home? This index has links to photos and resources for the major residential styles from American Colonial to Contemporary.

Victorian House Styles
The age of industrialization brought amazing innovation in North American housing styles. This guide has photos and information about the most popular Victorian house styles.

Beaux Arts Architecture
Beaux Arts architecture brought an explosion of ornamental excesses. Learn about the Beaux Arts approach to building design.

Victorian Gothic House Styles
Join us for a step-by-step tour of Gothic Revival architecture in England and the United States, with photos showing the evolution of the style and definitions of important terms and key features.

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