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House Color Combinations

Color Ideas to Inspire Your Home's Exteriors


Walk into any big box home and garden store, and the paint department is often front and center. Why? Well, the display is usually doggone colorful! The decision to paint your home's exterior is one of time and money. You want to get it right. Use Free Tools to Help You Choose House Paint Colors, but also these photo galleries may help you visualize color combinations on a variety of house styles.

Green Houses

Bright Green San Francisco House
Photo (cc) Flickr Member Rick
From the vibrant yellow green of a spring leaf to subtle, earthy shades, green offers a wide palette. Which green do you want to be?

Blue Houses

Hip Roof Victorian House
Photo © Forum Member "GreedyGriffon"
A blue house doesn't have to be vinyl sided. Blue house exteriors can appear playful or dignified, depending on the color choices. See how the mood shifts when you trim the blue in yellow, white, or red.

Yellow and Gold Houses

A colorful garden inspired the paint color for this cheerful yellow bungalow.
Photo (c) Ryan McVay/Getty Images
Do you want a light-colored house, but you're tired of white with black shutters? Golden hues will give nearly any house an aura of warmth. Yellows are also highly adaptable, harmonizing well with brick and stone, and will accept a variety of contrasting colors for those shutters.

Pink, Rose, and Coral Houses

Rose Colored Bungalow
Photo © Jackie Craven
A house painted pink can seem feminine and playful, but darken the color and the pink turns dramatic.
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