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Paint Colors for a Foursquare House


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Experimenting With Paint Colors
Window sills of a Foursquare house

Amy and Tim tried paint colors on the window sills at the back of their Foursquare house.

Photo 3 of 7 © the homeowners
Amy and Tim considered numerous color possibilities for their American Foursquare home. They posted a photo of the house on this Web site and received helpful advice from architectural color consultant Robert Schweitzer, author of the book Bungalow Colors (compare prices).

Robert Schweitzer's Advice

To reflect the original intent of this 1910 American Foursquare and also highlight important design features, Schweitzer looked closely at architectural history. The Foursquare is a product of the Arts & Crafts era. Schweitzer found suggestions for Arts & Crafts homes in a brochure from Monarch Mixed Paints of Chicago, which was published during this time period.

Foursquare homes in the early twentieth century were most commonly painted in autumn tones. The Monarch brochure recommended using four colors. To create a color scheme using contemporary paints, Schweitzer matched specific color chips from the Monarch brochure to the Sherwin-Williams exterior fan set, which is widely available throughout North America. Schweitzer's solution:

  • Major trim - Renwick Olive SW2815
  • Minor Trim - Caper SW2224
  • Accent - Biltmore Buff SW2345
  • Window Sash - Rookwood Dark Red SW2801
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