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House Paint Color Workshop: Stucco and Brick House


The combination of stucco, brick, and vinyl on this home make choosing colors especially difficult. What colors would you pick?
Stucco and Brick Home

Stucco and Brick Home

Photo © Forum Member KRALCO
From Forum Member KRALCO:
"I have a house with a stucco front, vinyl siding on the back and each side, and a brick foundation. The vinyl siding and stucco are a pewter (gray/blue) color which does not match the brick foundation or roof.

"I would like to change the vinyl siding and stucco paint color to a color(s) that would match the brick foundation. I believe the color of the brick is referred to as a marlboro color.

"The roof has colors of tan, gray and black. Please help!"

Any ideas? What colors would you paint this home? Click on the Readers Respond links below to send your comments... and see what others are saying.
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