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Colors for a Second Empire House

House Paint Color Workshop: New Colors for a Second Empire House


This Second Empire home has a brand new roof, and now the owner wants a new color palette for the trim and siding. What colors would you pick?
Second Empire Style House

Second Empire Style House

Photo courtesy the homeowner
From Randy LaCoille:
"My wife and I purchased this Second Empire style home in 1991 and have completed all necessary renovations to the interior and are now working on the final renovations to the exterior. Sadly, we had to replace the slate on the mansard roof and budget would not allow for new slate. We have installed black architectural shingles which really do look better than I had thought.

"Our major problem is trying to figure out the new paint colors. We both like the period shades of green or gold for the body color but can't decide on trim color. Should the trim color be a darker or lighter color than the body? Someone please help!"

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