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Happy Colors for a Bungalow

House Paint Color Workshop: Happy Colors for an Historic Bungalow


Are historic colors always drab? What colors would you paint this Bungalow?
Brightly painted bungalow

Brightly painted bungalow

Photo Courtesty the Homeowner
"Mr. T." sends us this house paint puzzler:

"My house is a Bungalow, built approximately in the 1950s. After I painted my house, I found out it was located in an Historic District. I chose a yellow because we wanted a bright happy look that kids would favor, seeing that we ran a family child care. Well the kids loved it, and so did the parents, which was the general idea to attract child care clientele. My surrounding neighbors liked it also, but some passersby who didn't even live on the same street complained to the City. The City says, in keeping with the Historic District Standards, I must change the colors to a more subdued nature.

"How can I keep the lively image and still conform to the dull dark drab, subdued colors? What are some good happy choices for external paints?"

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