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Paint this Dutch Colonial Anything But White!

House Paint Color Workshop: Colors for a Dutch Colonial Revival House


The owner of this Dutch Colonial Revival home says she does not want white. But, what else will go with the red roof?
Dutch Colonial Revival House

Dutch Colonial Revival House

Photo © the homeowner
"I just bought a 1930 Dutch Colonial. I'm feeling limited on color options because of the roof color. I really don't want a white house. I would have liked to go with a medium blue, but my next door neighbor's house is blue. So, now I'm thinking either medium green with creamy yellow accents or a creamy yellow house with darker green accents. Thoughts? (I'm ignoring the 'deferred maintenance' aspects of the yard until Spring!)"
What's your pick? Click on the Readers Respond links below to send your color suggestions... and see what others are saying.

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