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Green House Color Combinations

Green has many shades and tones. Which colors should you paint your house?


Green offers a wide palette of hues, ranging from the vibrant yellow green of a spring leaf to subtle gray-green, olive, and moss colors.

Earthy greens blend well with natural woodsy settings and are often used on Bungalows and rustic Shingle Style houses. Dark forest or pine green is a traditional color for shutters and trim on many Colonial and Victorian era houses. For a modern or Art Deco house, bright lime green can add pizazz. Add a touch of blue, and the color will turn a vivid turquoise.

The pictures in this gallery suggest ways you can use green colors in your house painting project. Need more help? Scroll down the page for links to more house color combinations, house color tips, and tools to help you choose the best colors for your house.

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Bright Green San Francisco HousePsychedelic Green in San FranciscoBungalow Colors: This California Bungalow blends with the natural landscapeGray Green BungalowRed and green give this cottage a festive atmosphereRed and Green HouseThe slate roof inspired the trim colors on this Tudor CottageTudor Cottage Colors
Rustic Green House in PolandForest Green House in PolandWhat Colors Go With Brick? Green Shutters contrast with the red brick on this Victorian Gothic homeWhat Colors Go With Brick?Victorian Shingle homes were often painted dark, earthy colorsMoss Green Cedar ShakesLeaf Green RanchLeaf Green Ranch House
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