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Blue House Colors

House Paint Color Pictures: Blue House Colors


Like the sky itself, blue has many moods. A bright blue house may appear playful, especially when trimmed with crisp pure white. Gray-toned slate blues and almost-black midnight blues suggest quiet dignity. Deep red accents can add richness to darker blues.

Mixing blues can be tricky, because two different shades of blue will clash. To be safe, stay with a single blue and choose whites, grays, and red for moldings and details.

The pictures in this gallery suggest ways you can use blue colors in your house painting project. Need more help? Scroll down the page for links to more house color combinations, house color tips, and tools to help you choose the best colors for your house.

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Built in 1890, this home has a dominant gray colored roofBright Blue VictorianPlayful colors brighten a country Bungalow in TexasLavender, Blue, and Yellow BungalowLighter colors accent the brackets on a Craftsman BungalowBeige and Blue Bungalow
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