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Paint Your House: Tips For Choosing Exterior Colors

Use these tips and resources to select the best colors for your exterior house painting project. Included are links to color charts and computer software tools to help you choose house colors. Resources compiled by Jackie Craven.
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Pick Paint Colors For Your House
It's so hard to choose colors, you may be tempted to give up and paint your house all white. This guide will help make the decision process easier with handy tips and links to photos.

House Color Combinations
Greens, pinks, and blues, oh my! Use these photo galleries to help visualize a variety of color combinations on different house styles.

House Paint Color Software
Find easy, free software and downloads to help you select paint colors for your home. Preview colors on photos before you buy paint!

Find a Color Chart For Your Home Painting Projects
View color swatches from popular paint companies online, and also find tips for choosing house paint colors and recommended paint color combinations.

House Paint Encyclopedia
Here's everything you need to know about house paint and paint colors on a single page. Find find tips, techniques, and tools for exterior house painting, painting interior rooms, and painting special surfaces like tile and paneling.

House Paint Pictures
What color should you paint your house? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for color ideas.

Yellow and Gold House Colors
Sunny yellow and gold colors will give nearly any house an aura of warmth. Yellows are also highly adaptable, harmonizing well with brick and stone. Browse these house paint color pictures for ideas on how to use yellow and gold colors in your house painting project.

Green House Color Combinations
Should you paint your house green? Before you answer, consider the many different shades and tones of green. Use these photos to select the best color combinations for your home.

Blue House Colors
Like the sky itself, blue has many moods. A bright blue house may appear playful, especially when trimmed with crisp pure white. Gray-toned slate blues and almost-black midnight blues suggest quiet dignity. Deep red accents can add richness to darker blues. Browse these house paint color pictures for ideas on how to use blue colors in your house painting project.

Pink, Rose, and Coral House Colors
A house painted pink can seem feminine and playful, but darken the color and the pink will become a dramatic shade of rose or coral. Browse these house paint color pictures for ideas on how to use pink colors in your house painting project.

How To Choose House Colors
A printer-friendly guide with quick and easy tips.

Painting the Trim on an American Foursquare Home
Owners of this American Foursquare style house faced difficult choices when they decided to repaint. Here's how they picked colors, with step-by-step photos.

Exterior Paint Problems
A technical manual for solving exterior paint problems on historic woodwork, from the United States National Park Service.

Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards
Extensive how-to on the removal of lead paint in old homes, from the National Park Service.

House Color Workshop
The houses in these photos need a new coat of paint - but, what color? In this workshop we will discuss these homes and choose new exterior paint colors. Follow the links for house color charts, house color tools, and resources to help you choose exterior paint colors for your own home.

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