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Build With Natural Materials

You can build an economical, environmentally-friendly home using natural materials. These resources provide information about earth, earth bermed, straw bale, cob, and underground construction, and other varieties of ecological building materials.

Adobe homes are built with bricks made of tightly compacted earth, clay and straw. Here are facts, photos and resources.

Rammed Earth
This ancient technique of home construction can still be found today.

Straw Bale
Find photos,plans and resources for building with this ancient technique.

Earth Sheltered Houses
Find facts, photos and plans for earth sheltered housing.

Cob Houses
Find out about the smooth, earthen cob homes, made with clay and straw.

The Natural Home Building Source
Sustainable design, passive solar, high thermal mass, do-it-yourself house plans are featured with low-tech system kits.

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