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Pod House in New Rochelle, New York

Pod House in New Rochelle, New York, from "Gravity Defying Homes" at PointClickHome.com

Photo © Chris Marcera, courtesy of PointClickHome.com
There is a stark contrast between the spaces recognized by architects and design critics and the real, yet invisible of spaces created in the process of living.
-Glenn Robert Lym, architect
In response to a poll, readers have been sending their dream house fantasies. Some dreams seem achievable. For example, a reader named Doris described a practical home that could exist in the real world.

Doris's Dream House

My home will be on a beach on the Florida panhandle. It will be raised off the ground for parking underneath. There will be wide decks on the upper 2 levels on 3 or 4 sides supported by pillars and railings. It will have lots of windows on the beach side only. It must have 3 or 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, very open, and have lots of storage space.
Some people, like Manuel, described homes that are surreal and haunting.

Manuel's Dream House

I dreamed of a house once that was like living inside an aquarium. One could walk out and through rooms and spaces that weave through a representative eco system that was a live habitat for tropical salt water fishes, a coral reef environment. Sunlight would filter through and around the house.

The house itself is a traditional looking 3 bedroom beach cottage like you might find in the Caribbean Ocean. The aquarium would be set up to mimic the natural environment where the fish would live. The fish would swim back and forth throughout the house.

The house would only be one story high, pitched terra-cotta Spanish tile. Cement stucco finished on concrete block walls, wooden window shutters with vented slats, a front veranda that wraps around the house, long overhangs for the roof. Tropical vegetation around the house.

And, some people took a witty approach. Here's an amusing dream house, from Samus.

Sumus's Dream House

It has two really big eyes, a cold wet nose, and it knows how to bark on command. It will have an Olympic size swimming pool on each side of the house. No chimney, to keep Santa Claus out.

Now it's your turn!

Imagine the house of your wildest fantasies... A house nestled in the clouds, or beneath the ocean, or in some secret place in your soul. You may use any materials you wish. Money is no object.

Briefly describe your dream house, and then draw a picture or use graphics software to create a rendering of the house you imagine. Visit our Dream Houses page, see dream houses submitted by other readers, and send us your dream house design.

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