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Build a Factory-Made or Prefabricated Home

You can save money when you build by constructing a factory-made modular or prefabricated home. Explore these resources to learn more about modular home construction and to find important tips for choosing a factory-built home.

A Low-Cost Housing Solution for Haiti Earthquake Victims
Architect Andrés Duany designed the Haitian Cabin for Haiti earthquake victims. Learn about the design of this resilient and affordable emergency structure.

Prefab Houses
Learn about the various types of prefab housing, from early Sears houses to modern factory-made houses.

Manufactured Homes
Kit homes, or catalog homes, are often built on site, but a manufactured home is constructed mostly in a factory. Find out how to distinguish manufactured homes.

Modular Homes
An introduction to modular housing with links and resources.

Lustron Homes
Made of porcelain-enameled steel panels, Lustron Homes were manufactured like cars and transported to far corners of the USA. Learn about Lustron homes and find resources.

Katrina Cottage Factory-Made Homes
After Hurricane Katrina destroyed homes and communities along America's Gulf Coast, architects and designers developed cheerful, inexpensive, energy-efficient pre-fab housing known as "Katrina Cottages." Find facts, photos, and ordering information.

PreHAB Houses
Students and faculty from the University of Virginia worked with Habitat for Humanity to build a panelized prefabricated house in Katrina-devastated Gautier, Mississippi. Attractive, energy-efficient, and storm-ready, the "preHAB" house is constructed economically from steel and foam panels.

Prefab Architecture
According to Real Estate Journal, one of the biggest debates in architecture is whether prefabricated homes are the cutting edge of design. Are prefab homes high art, or flimsy knock-offs?

Prefab Housing Gains Popularity
Modern prefab housing has been popular in Europe for decades. Now, builders are using modular materials to build trendy, upscale homes in the United States, says this article from Real Estate News.

Build Your Own Log Home
Log homes now come in kits, so you can Do It Yourself. Learn the history of log homes and have a professional answer your questions.

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