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Dutch Colonial Revival Bungalow

Colonial Revival Houses: Dutch Colonial Revival Bungalow


A gambrel-shaped roof give this modest bungalow characteristics of a Dutch Colonial Revival home. Find facts below.
Dutch Colonial Revival Bungalow in Baltimore, Maryland

Dutch Colonial Revival Bungalow in Baltimore, Maryland

Photo © the homeowner

The owner of this home writes:

My wife and I are closing soon on what we have been calling the "Blue Bungalow." The problem is although it has Bungalow tendencies, I think maybe it has some Dutch tendencies. Any ideas? It's a design that is pretty common in this area of Baltimore.
Forum member "Bobby" replies:
Your beautiful house is a planbook or builder's Dutch Colonial turned on its side to fit on your narrow lot. The style is characterized by the gambrel roof and full shed dormer. You will notice that those features on your house are achieved by the clever use of applied roofing ornament rather than true Dutch Colonial framing, which is more expensive.

Are you in Baltimore's Westgate or West Hills neighborhoods? There are lots of these houses there. If you are, walk to Ten Hills, where we have several examples of true Dutch Colonials. Enjoy your house.

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