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Spanish Colonial architecture influenced the design of this stucco-sided bungalow. Notice the red roof, parapets, walled terrace, and decorative tiles.
Spanish Revival Bungalow near Los Angeles

Spanish Revival Bungalow near Los Angeles. See more bungalow styles.

Photo © iStockPhoto.com/David Liu
In California, Arizona, and other areas of the American southwest, bungalows often incorporated ideas borrowed from Spanish Colonial architecture. Spanish-inspired bungalows have many of these features:
  • Low-pitched or flat roof
  • Red tiles on roof
  • Parapets
  • Stucco-siding, usually painted white, cream, or tan
  • Carved wooden doors
  • Arched windows or doorways
  • Decorative wrought iron railings and window grills
  • Decorative glazed tile
A well-preserved example of Spanish style bungalows can be found in Long Beach, California where six courtyard homes form a small rental community at Brown's Court Apartments.

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