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Fanciful details give this picturesque bungalow the look of a Swiss chalet.
1916 Chalet style Bungalow

1916 Chalet style Bungalow in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California. See more bungalow styles

Photo © Connie Fanós
Features on this California Bungalow suggest a charming mountainside chalet in Germany or Switzerland. Detailing on the home also resembles the much older Stick Style used during the Victorian era.

Swiss Chalet Bungalows Have These Features:

The homeowner writes:

Built in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento in 1916, this house had no hallway. Three bedrooms with one "jack and jill" bathroom occupied the space to the left of the front door, from front to back.

The space to the right of the front door includes the living room, formal dining room, and kitchen. A wooden back porch appears to have been enclosed later to provide a laundry room behind the kitchen.

The original ship-lap siding was shingled over, presumably in the 1950s. It also appears that the original front porch spanned the entire house, but was later used to increase the living room size.

I suspect this was a 'kit house' but I've not been able to verify that.

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