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Colonial Revival Bungalow

Classical Details on a Bungalow


Dignified, classical Colonial Revival details combined with bungaloid styling to create these simple yet elegant homes.
Colonial Revival Bungalow

Colonial Revival Bungalow. See more bungalow styles.

Photo © Forum Member "Karnye2004"
A puzzled reader submitted this photo to our House Style Helpline. "Built in 1920, the house is somewhat reminiscent of a bungalow," the homeowner writes. But instead of rustic Craftsman details, this home has classical details. So what style is it?

The house is a Colonial Revival Bungalow, with many of the same features found on much larger Colonial Revival houses built during the early 20th century.

Colonial Revival Bungalows have many of these features:

  • Symmetrical, rectangular shape
  • Temple-like entrance: portico topped by a pediment
  • Classical Columns
  • Shutters
  • Garland and swag ornaments

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