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House Styles

Find out the architectural style of your home and learn about the history of your home. Begin with the comprehensive Guide to American Homes, 1600 - Present, then explore other topics to learn about the details that make your home special. Want more? Browse our Showcase Galleries and join the conversation in one of our House Style Workshops.
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American Bungalow Styles
The word bungalow can describe a wide range of housing types and styles. What style is your bungalow? This guide will help you find the answer.

Architectural Style 101
Even the most comprehensive style guide may leave you feeling confused. Most homes don't fit easily into one particular style category. Here's why.

Spanish House Styles
In nearly every part of the United States, you'll find fanciful and romantic homes inspired by the architecture of Spain, the Mediterranean, and South America. Learn about the evolution of Spanish houses in North America.

About the Shingle Style
Relaxed, sprawling shingle homes became popular near the end of the Victorian era and lead the way to a new, more casual housing style.

Home Styles Guide
Filled with photos, floor plans, and other resources, this comprehensive guide traces the development of residential architecture in North America from the Colonial era up to modern times, with links to facts and photos for the major housing styles.

Cobblestone Houses
Stone houses can be found in many parts of the world, but New York's cobblestone houses are unique. Learn more about these interesting and original buildings.

House Styles in the Mississippi Valley
Homes in Louisiana and other parts of the Mississippi Valley borrow traditions from France, the Caribbean, and many other parts of the world. Join us for a photo tour of French Colonial and French Creole architecture.

House Style Books
These great books are packed with pictures and facts to help you identify and learn about the major styles of residential architecture in North America.

House Styles Survey
Tudor, Craftsman, and Prairie styles continue to rank high in our annual survey of favorite house styles. Learn about the styles our readers prefer, and add your vote.

McMansions & Other Big Houses
Big houses are sometimes called McMansions, but these enormous homes are about more than size. Find out what a McMansion is... and is not.

Modern and Postmodern Houses
Browse this photo gallery for bold, innovative ideas in residential architecture. The houses shown here are designed by some of the world's most prominent architects.

Neotraditional House Styles
Even if your house is brand new, it may have features of historic styes. Learn about neotraditional ideas in housing design.

French House Styles
From Normandy to the southern provinces, the house styles of France influenced architecture in the New World. See photos of French inspired homes in America and discover French architectural imports such as the Chateauesque castles.

Second Empire Architecture
Inspired by elaborate architecture from the Second Empire in France, these Victorian homes have tall mansard roofs. This photo essay traces the history of the style and describes how to identify its important features.

Romanesque Revival Houses
Richardson and other architects of the Victorian era borrowed Roman ideas for these grand homes.

Victorian Gothic House Styles: History and Pictures
These pictures show how the Gothic Revival style evolved from England's grand stone manors to America's fanciful wood frame houses.

Gallery of Monterey Houses
Thomas Larkin's home in Monterey, California set the standard for a new style of architecture in the 1800s. Monterey Revival took features from the historic Monterey designs.

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