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Eames House


Case Study #8 by Charles and Ray Eames
The Eames House, also known as Case Study #8, by Charles and Ray Eames

The Eames House, also known as Case Study #8, by Charles and Ray Eames

Photo (cc) Charles & Hudson via Flickr, some rights reserved
Designed by the husband-and-wife team Charles and Ray Eames, Case Study House #8 set the standard for modern prefabricated architecture in the United States.

What Is a Case Study House?
Between 1945 and 1966, Art and Architecture magazine challenged architects to design homes for modern living using materials and building techniques developed during World War II. Affordable and practical, these Case Study homes experimented with ways to meet the housing needs of returning soldiers.

In addition to Charles and Ray Eames, many famous architects took on the Case Study House challenge. More than two dozen houses were built by top-name designers like Craig Ellwood, Pierre Koenig, Richard Neutra, Eero Saarinen, and Raphael Soriano. Most of the Case Study Houses are in California. One is in Arizona.

Designing Case Study House #8
Charles and Ray Eames wanted to build a house that would meet their own needs as artists, with space for living, working, and entertaining. With architect Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames proposed a glass and steel house made from mail order catalog parts. However, war shortages delayed delivery. By the time the steel arrived, Charles and Ray Eames had changed their vision.

The Eames team wanted to create a spacious home, but they also wanted to preserve the beauty of the pastoral building site. Instead of towering over the landscape, the new plan tucked the house into the hillside.

Charles and Ray Eames moved into Case Study House #8 in December 1949. They lived and worked there for the remainder of their lives. Today, the Eames House is preserved as a museum.

Features of Case Study House #8

  • Slim black columns frame colored panels
  • Living area with ceiling that rises two stories
  • Mezzanine level with spiral stairs
  • Upper level with bedrooms overlooking the living area
  • Courtyard separating the living area from the studio space
Visitor information
Case Study House is located at 203 Chautauqua Boulevard, in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Visitors may walk the grounds and view the exterior of the house on weekdays, excepting holidays. To tour the interior, phone the Eames Foundation and schedule an appointment.
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