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Famous Houses

Find famous houses by famous architects, including houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, houses designed by Bauhaus architects, and historic older houses.
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Sunnylands, 1966
Built in 1966 by A. Quincy Jones, Walter and Lee Annenberg's winter residence in southern California is a fine example of a midcentury modern contemporary dwelling.

Frank Gehry's House, Inside Out
The California house architect Frank Gehry lived in when he was just starting out is not a grand American mansion, but his remodeling made some call it ground-breaking architecture.

Gehry House, Deconstructing Frank
Can we understand an architect from how he remodels his own house? Let's analyze Frank Gehry's home in Santa Monica -- before he won the Pritzker Prize.

Adare Manor
The Gothic Revival Adare Manor has towers, turrets, woodwork, stonework, 52 chimneys, and 365 leaded glass windows. At first glance, the manor looks like a French chateau, but includes a series of visual allusions to famous Irish and English homes.

Architectural Twins: The White House and the Leinster House
Look closely at Ireland's Leinster House and you'll see the early inspiration for the White House in Washington DC.

Ball-Eastaway House by Glenn Murcutt
The Ball-Eastaway house by Glenn Murcutt is an artist's retreat nestled in an arid forest.

Curtis Meyer House by Frank Lloyd Wright
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Curtis Meyer house for a housing subdivision in Galesburn, Michigan. Learn about the Usonian style Curtis Meyer House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Giesla Bennati House by Rudolf Schindler
Nearly two decades before the A-frame style became popular, Rudolf Schindler designed a rustic A-frame shaped house in California. Learn more and see photo.

Eames House
The home that Charles and Ray Eames designed for the Case Study series pioneered modern ideas in prefab construction. Learn about Case Study House #8, also known as the Eames House, and find resources and photos.

Ennis-Brown House
Textured concrete blocks and stepped walls suggest pre-Columbian architecture in the Charles Ennis House, built in 1923.

This famous Pennsylvania home has concrete slabs bolted into the hillside. Built in 1935.

Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe
The glass house designed by Mies van der Rohe was a bitter disappointment to a woman who was hoping for something more. More than fifty years later, the Farnsworth House still stirs controversy.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home
Wright's private home went through many transformations as his design philosophies changed over the years.

Frank Lloyd Wright Studio
Several years after he completed his home, Wright added this studio building, where he experimented with light and form.

Great American Mansions
The rise of wealth in the United States brought enormous mansions, manor homes, summer homes, and family compounds constructed by the country's most successful business people. In this photo gallery, you'll find pictures and information for some of America's most famous mansions.

Great Homes of the Gilded Age
Explore the magnificent houses built by the very rich during the Gilded Age in the USA.

Hagan House
The Hagan House on Kentuck Knob in western Pennsylvania is an excellent example of residential design from the final decade of Wright's career. History and photos.

Hollyhock House
Also known as the Aline Barnsdall House. Frank Lloyd Wright captures the aura of ancient Myan temples in this home, built in 1917-1921.

Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman Home
The Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman residence in Manchester, New Hampshire is a classic Usonian by Frank Lloyd Wright. Join us for a photo tour.

Magney House by Glenn Murcutt
Stretching across a barren, wind-swept site overlooking the ocean, the Magney House by Glenn Murcutt is designed to capture the northern light.

Marie Short House by Glenn Murcutt
As in all Glenn Murcutt designs, the Marie Short House is constructed of simple, readily available materials. Timber from a nearby sawmill form the framing and the walls.

Marika-Alderton House by Glenn Murcutt
Designed by Glenn Murcutt, the Marika-Alderton House ingeniously adapts to the hot, tropical climate of Australia's Northern Territory.

Mark Twain House
With brilliantly colored bricks, bold patterns, and elaborate brackets and trusses, the 19-room Mark Twain house became a hallmark of the Stick Style of architecture.

Modern and Postmodern Houses
The Modern and Postmodern houses in these pictures illustrate bold new ideas in home design. Browse the photos to see innovative houses by Philip Johnson, Mies van der Rohe, Robert Venturi, and other 20th century architects.

Thomas Jefferson was inspired by a famous Renaissance architect when he designed his domed home in Virginia.

Neverland Ranch, Legendary Home of Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson turned a 2,676 acre property into a Disneyesque fantasyland at Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California

Nathan G. Moore House
Needing money, Frank Lloyd Wright agreed to design this Tudor style home in the Oak Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Olson House
This farmhouse dating to the 1700s was featured in many paintings by Andrew Wyeth, including the famous Christina's World.

Toufic Kalil Home
The home of Dr. Toufic Kalil in Manchester, New Hampshire illustrates Frank Lloyd Wright's creative use of concrete buildings blocks. Join us for a photo tour of this classic Usonian Automatic house.

Usonian Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright
Tour famous Unsonian style houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and learn about the Usonian style he developed.

White House in Washington D.C.
America's most famous house, the White House in Washington DC, is often open for tours.

Harriet Beecher Stowe House
Built in 1871, this writer's home is a nice example of a 19th-century cottage.

Kent Plantation House
Located in Alexandria, Louisiana, this authentic French Creole Plantation House was built in about 1796.

The Persian style home of Hudson River School painter Frederic Church was built and modifed between 1861 and 1891. The estate overlooks New York's Hudson River between Albany and New York City.

Things You Didn't Know About the White House
The White House in Washington, DC holds the secrets of many American presidents. Check out these surprising facts.

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