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Green Architecture & Healthy Design

What is Green Architecture? What is Arcology? Can our buildings really make us sick? The resources on this page explore the relationship between architecture, the environment, and health. You'll find information about eco-friendly, earth-friendly "green" architecture, energy-efficient design, and healthy, toxin-free construction.
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Green Ideas for land revitalization from London 2012
Planning and building the London 2012 Olympics have given us a case study of green ideas. What can we learn about brownfields, land revitalization, and sustainability?

Is Your House Making You Sick?
Headache? Got the sniffles? The problem may lurk inside your walls. When you build or remodel, take these simple steps to create a healthier home.

Designing for Body and Soul
Lay the foundation for a home that nourishes your physical and emotional well-being. These tips will help you design a home that is both healthy and earth-friendly.

Earth Houses
Architects and engineers are taking a new look at ancient building techniques. Here's an introduction to adobe, rammed earth, earth sheltered, cob and straw bale construction.

Books on Healthy Design
This books and building guides will help you build or remodel a home using non-toxic, allergy-safe materials and practices.

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