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Green Building Resources

What is Green Architecture? What is Sustainable Architecture? What is Arcology? These resources provide an overview of ideas and philosophies related to sustainable development and the relationship between architecture and ecology.

Adaptive Reuse of Older Buildings
Adaptive Reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses rather than demolishing them.

Build to Imitate Nature
Most of us will never own a home designed by a world renown architect. But even on a budget, you can build an earth-friendly, energy-efficient home using principles practiced by Pritzker Prize winner, Glenn Murcutt.

Green Architecture, or Green Design
This glossary page is your introduction to concepts of eco-friendly green design.

Green Roof Basics
What are the pros and cons to installing Living Roof systems? Learn the basics quickly in this short guide.

Sustainable Development
From our Architecture Glossary, definition and examples of Sustainable Development and similar terms related to urban planning and community design.

Living an earth-friendly life begins at home. These recycling tips from our Guide to Landscaping offer innovative ways to reduce waste in the yard, garden, and beyond.

What is arcology? Find out how a desert community in Arizona can be "green."

Association for Environment-Conscious Building
An organization formed in the UK to create awareness on environmental issues in the construction industry. Offers a research periodical, a discussion forum, and listings of services and products.

Environmental Building News
This newsletter reports on environmentally responsible design and construction.

Global Green USA
Global Green USA is a national environmental organization that sponsors local initiatives to (1)design and build "green" buildings and cities, (2) eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and (3) provide clean, safe drinking water. Recently Global Green partnered with movie star Brad Pitt to sponsor a Sustainable Design Competition for reconstruction in New Orleans.

Green Building Concepts
Provides information for resources which are most efficient for building homes. Site includes building tips and product information.

Green Building Primer
An extensive guide, with building specs, from Building Environmental Science and Technology (B.E.S.T).

International Development Research Centre
The IDRC is a public corporation helping communities in the developing world find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
A large site filled with information about all types of sustainable development issues.

Permaculture The Earth
Explore all aspects of permaculture -- the art and science that applies patterns found in nature to the design and construction of human and natural environments.

Residential Environmental Design
Articles, bulletin board, publications, courses, events, and other resources for the study of ecological residential design.

Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
A comprehensive collection or resources, from a design and consulting firm which specializes in sustainable architecture.

FAO Sustainability Pathways
Sustainability is part of a page of new projects of the Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). "Sustainability means ensuring human rights and well-being without depleting or diminishing the capacity of the earth's ecosystems to support life," says the website. Sustainability Pathways includes fact sheets, events, and publications.

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