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Find facts and photos for great buildings and structures around the world, including skyscrapers, castles, cathedrals, historic buildings, and award-winning modernist buildings. In these resources you'll also find information about famous architects, historic styles, and important trends in building design.
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Famous Buildings

Sydney Opera House, Australia - Press photo © 2000-2006 NewOpenWorld Foundation

What makes a building great? Many of the buildings and structures featured here are famous for their beauty. Others have become famous for their ingenuity or their historical significance. Some are famous because they stirred a storm of controversy. Are they masterpieces? You decide.

World's Tallest Buildings

The Petronas Towers - Photo ©iStockPhoto.com/Robert Churchill

From the Eiffel Tower to the newest skyscraper in Dubai, tall buildings and structures inspire awe and fascination. Here are facts, statistics, photos, and resources for the world's tallest man-made structures, including skyscrapers, observation towers, and communication towers.

Masterpieces of Engineering

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

The famous architect Louis Sullivan said, "Form ever follows function." In these resources we look at engineering and design of functional structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels, and observation towers.

Funny Buildings

Banna Park Birdwatch, Japan

Who says architecture has to be serious? Here's our round-up of buildings that are weird, silly, or just for fun. Have you seen a building that's really strange? Please do add it to our list.

Famous Houses

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

From historic mansions to masterpieces of modernism, private homes reveal the talents, and sometimes the eccentricities, of their designers. The homes in this collection are among the most famous and most recognizable around the world.

Famous Architects & Builders

Architect Maya Lin - Press Photo courtesy Ohio University

Explore the lives of famous architects and see photos of their most important buildings. These resources include biographies and photo galleries for famous architects, builders, and designers from Alvar Aalto to Frank Lloyd Wright. You'll also find groupings of important architects and designers, arranged by topic.

Historic Periods & Styles

The Acropolis in Greece - Press photo © 2000-2006 NewOpenWorld Foundation

Explore architecture through the ages. These resources will give you an overview of architectural history, from prehistoric megaliths to modernist skyscrapers. Find photos and descriptions for historic styles such as Baroque, Renaissance, and Neoclassical.

Architecture for Travelers

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India - Press photo © 2000-2006 NewOpenWorld Foundation

These resources are your gateway world's greatest architecture, organized geographically. Find photos and articles for must-see buildings in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Africa, India, North America, and other regions. Learn about cultural trends and building practices in far away places. Also find tools and tips for planning your own architecture trip.

Urban Design

Town Center in Celebration, Florida

Architects design more than buildings. They also design outdoor spaces: plazas, parks, pedestrian malls, roadways, transportation centers, and entire communities. Follow these links for information about landscape architecture, city and town planning, urban design, and outdoor art.

Disasters & Collapses

September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center

Despite the best laid plans of architects and engineers, great buildings can fall. Some are destroyed by earthquakes, fires, floods, and other natural disasters. Some structures are destroyed by deliberate acts such as the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center. Finally, faulty design can lead to structural collapse.

Issues & Ideas

Geodesic Dome Home

All architecture begins with belief in an idea, a theory, or a dream. These links explore a wide range of design philosophies, from ancient Eastern philosophies like Feng Shui to modernism and Bauhaus.

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