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The Shard, London, United Kingdom, 2012
Photo of a pyramidal glass skyscraper.

The Shard in London, designed by Renzo Piano, 2012

Photo ©Karen Roe, CC BY 2.0 at flickr.com

When completed in 2012, the Shard glass skyscraper was considered the tallest building in western Europe. Also known as Shard London Bridge and London Bridge Tower, the Renzo Piano design was part of the redevelopment of the London Bridge area near London's City Hall along the River Thames.

Facts About the Shard:

  • Location: Southwark, London; the 1975 Southwark Towers, a 24-story office building, was torn down to make room for the Shard
  • Height: 310 meters / 1,016 feet
  • 72 floors (88 structural floors)
  • 600,000 square feet
  • Multi-Use: offices first 28 floors; restaurants on floors 31 - 33; hotel on floors 34 - 52; residential apartments on floors 53 - 65; observation areas on top floors 68 - 72

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Sources: The Shard website at the-shard.com [accessed July 7, 2012]

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