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BoKlok Apartment Buildings, 2005
Photo of L-shaped, grey apartment complex, unadorned.

Norwegian Apartment Building, BoKlok

Press / Media photo of Norwegian Apartment Building ©BoKlok

There's nothing like IKEA® for designing a really great bookcase. But a whole house? Seems that the Swedish furniture giant has constructed thousands of trendy modular houses all across Scandinavia since 1996. The development of 36 flats in St. James Village, Gateshead, United Kingdom (UK) is completely sold out.

The houses are called BoKlok (pronounced "Boo Clook") but the name doesn't come from their boxy appearance. Roughly translated from Swedish, BoKlok means smart living. Boklok houses are simple, compact, space efficient, and affordable - sort of like an Ikea bookcase.

The Process:

"The multi family buildings are factory-built in modules. The modules are transported by lorry to the building site, where we can then erect a building containing six apartments in less than a day."

BoKlok is a partnership between IKEA and Skanska and does not sell housing in the United States. However, U.S. companies such as IdeaBox provide IKEA-inspired modular homes.

Learn More:

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Source: "The BokLok Story," Fact Sheet, May 2012 (PDF) accessed July 8, 2012

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