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New York By Gehry, 2011
Photo of a Frank Gehry-designed skyscraper in lower Manhattan.

New York by Gehry opened in 2011 in lower Manahattan in New York City.

Photo ©2011 leonshishman at flickr.com

The "tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere" was known as "Beekman Tower" when it was being built. Then it was simply known by its address: 8 Spruce Street. Since 2011, the building has been known by its marketing name, New York By Gehry. Living in a Frank Gehry building is a dream come true for some people. Developers often take advantage of an architect's star power.

Facts About 8 Spruce Street:

  • 870 feet tall, 76 stories
  • 903 units
  • ammenities include an indoor swimming pool, gym, library, media center, and areas designed for more youthful tenants (children)
  • "over 200 unique floor plans"
  • irregularly placed bay windows on each floor create a wave-like exterior, but not on every side of the building
  • stainless steel skin
  • the building's base is of traditional brick construction to visually fit with neighboring structures; the first five floors were built to house Public School 397 (Spruce Street School)
  • named Skyscraper of the Year, Emporis, in 2011

Light and Vision:

Human beings don't see without light. Gehry plays with this biological idiosyncrasy. The architect has created a multi-surfaced, highly reflective (stainless steel) skyscraper that, to the observer, transforms its appearance as the surrounding light changes. From day to night and from cloudy day to full sunlight, every hour creates a new view of "New York by Gehry."

Views from Inside:

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