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Stadium Australia in Sydney

Sydney's Olympic Stadium


From our gallery of stadium and arena photos, here are facts about the Stadium Australia in Sydney, built for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
Stadium Australia in Sydney

Stadium Australia in Sydney

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The Sydney Olympic Stadium (Stadium Australia) is the largest facility ever built for an Olympic Games. The stadium can seat 110,000 people. Designed by Bligh Voller Nied with the London-based Lobb Partnership, the Sydney Olympic Stadium is tailored for the Australian climate.

About the Sydney Olympic Stadium

  • The roof is translucent, so it allows for extensive natural lighting and also reduces glare and shadow on the field. Less electricity is needed, and conditions are ideal for daytime TV broadcasts.
  • The slope of the roof provides sun and rain protection without creating the claustrophobic feel of a fully enclosed dome. Moreover, the sloping roof optimizes the acoustics.
  • The stadium offers natural ventilation, without using fans, air conditioning or other mechanical devices.
  • Further energy conservation is provided by gas fired co-generators which backup the electrical supply.
  • Rainwater is recycled for flushing toilets. Water-saving devices are installed throughout the facility.
  • The stadium environment is ideal for turf growth.
Critics of the Sydney Olympic Stadium say that although the design is functional, its appearance is uninspiring. The size of the place, combined with the technical demands, meant that art had to take a back seat. What's more, the huge structure dwarfs the nearby aquatic center and tree-lined boulevards. Noted architect Philip Cox told reporters that the Sydney Stadium "looks like a Pringles potato chip, does not break new ground, and is not iconic enough."

However, when the Olympic Torch was passed through the crowds and the cauldron carrying the Olympic Flame rose up above a towering waterfall, it's likely that many people thought the Sydney Olympic Stadium was spectacular.

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