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Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

Home of the Dallas Cowboys Football Team


Costing $1.15 billion, the 2009 Cowboys Stadium has the world's longest single-span roof structure. Find facts below.
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX

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Cowboys Stadium
Home Team: Dallas Cowboys
Location: Arlington, Texas
Architect: HKS, Inc, Bryan Trubey, principal designer


Stadium Size:

  • The Cowboys Stadium site covers 73 total acres; the overall site encompasses 140 total acres
  • Cowboys Stadium is 3 million square feet containing 104 million cubic feet of volume
  • Stadium length – 900 feet from one end zone retractable wall to the opposite end zone retractable wall

Exterior Façade:

  • The Canted 800-foot glass wall exterior slopes at 14-degree angle
  • The clerestory lens is 33 feet at highest point, with overall length of 904 feet
  • Arches soar 292 feet above playing field
  • Each boxed arch is 17 feet wide and 35 feet deep
  • Each arch weighs 3,255 tons
  • Each arch spans quarter-mile in length
  • Top of steel at the highpoint of the main arched trusses is 292 feet above the playing field

Retractable End Zone Doors:

  • The 180-foot-wide by 120-foot-high operable glass doors, located at each end of the stadium, are the largest operable glass doors in the world
  • Five 38-foot panels take 18 minutes to open or close

Roof and Roof Structure:

  • At 660,800 square feet, the stadium’s roof is one of the largest domed sports structures in the world
  • Soaring 292 feet above the playing field, the two monumental arches support the retractable roof – the world’s longest single-span roof structure
  • The roof encompasses 104 million cubic feet of volume
  • Opening 410 feet long by 256 feet wide encompassing 105,000 square feet
  • Each roof panel weighs 1.68 million pounds
  • The travel distance of each panel is 215 feet
  • Consists of 14,100 tons of structural steel (which is equivalent to the weight of 92 Boeing 777s)
  • The retractable roof opens or closes in 12 minutes


  • Non-operable pieces - steel with PVC membrane
  • Operable pieces – Teflon coated fiberglass fabric

The Arch Truss:

  • The arch truss is fabricated from special high-strength grade 65 steel imported from Luxembourg
  • The structural steel’s wide flange sizes are up to W14x730 (14 inches in depth and 730 lbs. per foot)- the heaviest shape rolled in the world
  • Number of bolts in arch spans: 50,000
  • Total length of welding in arch spans: 165,000 feet
  • Gallons of primer paint: 2,000
  • Gallons of finish paint: 2,000
  • The final keystone piece of the arch truss planar section is 56 feet long and weighs 110,000 pounds

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