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Photos of Churches, Cathedrals, Temples, Shrines, and Mosques


Around the world, spiritual beliefs have inspired great architecture. Click on the pictures below to learn more about famous churches, cathedrals, temples, shrines, mosques, and other buildings designed for prayer, reflection, and religious worship.
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Largest Church in IrelandSt. Patrick's CathedralFrank Lloyd Wright used poured concrete for the revolutionary cubist churchUnity Temple by Frank Lloyd WrightOne of the most famous cathedrals in FranceChartres Cathedral The modernist New Main Synagogue, or Ohel Jakob, in Munich, GermanyNew Main Synagogue, Ohel Jakob
Designed by Jørn UtzonBagsværd ChurchNeue Synagogue is in the Scheunenviertel District of Berlin.Neue SynagogueElaborate TileworkAl Kadhimain MosqueHagia Sophia MosqueHagia Sophia (Ayasofya)
Designed by Paulo Mendes da RochaChapel of Saint Peter Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel Dome of the Rock Rumbach Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary is Moorish in design.Rumbach Synagogue Stone sculpture of female goddess found in Angkor, Cambodia	Sacred Temples of Angkor
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