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San Giorgio Maggiore

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Andrea Palladio modeled the façade of San Giorgio Maggiore after a Greek temple.
San Giorgio Maggiore by Andrea Palladio

San Giorgio Maggiore by Andrea Palladio

Photo (cc) Flickr Member Michael Scaduto
San Giorgio Maggiore
Andrea Palladio, architect
Started in 1566 and continued by Vincenzo Scamozzi after Palladio's death
Completed in 1610
Located on the island of San Giorgio in Venice, Italy

San Giorgio Maggiore is a Christian basilica, but from the front it looks like a temple from Classical Greece. Four massive columns on pedestals support a high pediment. Behind the columns is yet another version of the temple motif. Flat pilasters support a wide pediment. The taller "temple" appears to be layered on top of the shorter temple.

The two versions of the temple motif are brilliantly white, virtually hiding the brick church building behind.

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