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1982 - 1984: Energy-efficient design in New South Wales, Australia. Glenn Murcutt, architect.
Designed to capture the northern light

Energy-efficient design by Australian architect Glenn Murcutt

Photo © Anthony Browell courtesy the Pritzker Prize Committee
Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt is known for his earth-friendly, energy-efficient designs. The Magney House stretches across a a barren, wind-swept site overlooking the ocean in New South Wales, Australia. The long low roof and large windows capitalize on natural sunlight.

Forming an asymmetrical V-shape, the roof also collects rainwater which is recycled for drinking and heating. Corrugated metal sheathing and interior brick walls insulate the home and conserve energy.

Louvre blinds at the windows help regulate the light and temperature.

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