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The Lovell House

Pictures of Modern Houses: The Lovell House by Richard Neutra


1927-1929: Landmark example of the International Style in Los Angeles. Richard Neutra, architect.
Richard Neutra introduces the International Style to Los Angeles

Lovell House in Los Angeles by Richard Neutra

Photo © Flickr Member Ilpo's Sojourn
Completed in 1929, the Lovell House introduced the International Style to the United States. With its wide glass expanses, the Lovell House resembled European works by Bauhaus architects Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe.

Europeans were impressed by the innovative structure of the Lovell House. The balconies were suspended by slender steel cables from the roof frame, and the pool hung in a U-shaped concrete cradle. Moreover, the building site posed an enormous construction challenge. It was necessary to fabricate the skeleton of the Lovell House in sections and transport it by truck up the steep hill.

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