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Modern Houses

Architecture Pictures: Modern and Postmodern Houses


The Modern and Postmodern houses in these pictures illustrate bold new ideas in home design. Browse the photos to find out innovative approaches by Modernist and Postmodernist architects. To learn more about Modernism and Postmodernism, scroll down to the Architecture Resources below.
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Unique, whimsical, and surprising Postmodernist homeThe Vanna Venturi HouseNew England details combine with Bauhaus ideasThe Walter Gropius HouseInternational StylePhilip Johnson's Glass HouseThe glass-walled Farnsworth House by Mies van der RoheThe Farnsworth House
What is indoors, and what is out?Blades Residence Designed to capture the northern lightThe Magney House Richard Neutra introduces the International Style to Los AngelesThe Lovell HouseDesert Modernism by Richard Neutra The Miller House
The Minimalist Luis Barragan House, or Casa de Luis BarragánLuis Barragan House
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