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Finca Miralles, or Miralles Estate

Finca Miralles by Antoni Gaudí, 1901 to 1902, Barcelona


Antoni Gaudí built a wavy wall around the Miralles Estate in Barcelona. Only the front entrance and a short expanse of wall remain today.
The Finca Miralles entrance in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí

The Finca Miralles entrance in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí

Photo © Flickr Member "Jaume Meneses"

Finca Miralles, or Miralles Estate, was a large piece of property owned by Gaudí's friend Hermenegild Miralles Anglès. Antoni Gaudí surrounded the estate with a 36-section wall made with ceramic, tile, and lime mortar. Originally, the wall was topped with a metallic grill. Only the front entrance and a portion of the wall remain today.

Originally, two arches held iron gates, one for carriages and the other for pedestrians. The gates corroded over the years are now being restored.

The original wall also had a steel canopy topped with tortoise shell-shaped tiles and held up by steel cables. The canopy didn't comply with municipal regulations and was dismantled. It has since been only partially restored, due to fears that the arch would not be able to support the full weight of the canopy.

Finca Miralles was named a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1969.

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